The Road from Blogger to Author

This journey started out difficult

I had a hard time transitioning from blogger to author. The way I thought, the way I even wrote had to evolve. Even posting in my blog about my book had to change. I knew that life would never be the same, so I made social media accounts for my author profile.

After talking with my Hubby and gaining some insight, I hired a separate PA for my author gig. This person had to have a complete focus on my books and they couldn’t be caught up in who “Arthetta” was as a blogger. I found the perfect fit.

Creating the story of Love Hurts and thinking of all the things that came with making this change was overwhelming. Once I made a commitment to revealing the cover of the book, I knew this was it.

There’s no turning back

I used my author profile more to get acclimated to the change. The circles changed and there was some tension to work through with my blogger team, but we made it. There have to be these two very different personas. They each demand something different from me and I have to step up and transition between each hat.

I love my blog, but I digress…this author thing has really taken up a lot of my headspace. I must write these books. I need to share my thoughts and stories with the world no matter how discouraged I feel. That comes with the territory.

My first book is taking shape…

…and I believe everyone will love it as much as I do. I know that I will rewrite and rewrite..repeatedly until I’m satisfied that it’s worthy of being shared. I had to believe in myself enough to release my words into the atmosphere. It couldn’t be my Husband that believed in me from the start. It had to come from me.

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