Love Hurts Release Party

Release Day was here, and it was my birthday!

I had several emotions coursing through me and I couldn’t focus on one. I woke up with anticipation. I was on edge and I wanted this day to be perfect. My Hubby was so supportive and helped calm some of my nervous energy. My release party started at noon and my mind was set on everything going wrong. Well, I was wrong.

My author friends showed up in my blog group and showed the members a good time. They gave away copies of my book and we all had such a good time. In the midst of the party, my Hubby and my Daughter left to set up my 49th birthday celebration. When they came back with balloons, cake, ice cream, and all the trimmings, I wanted to cry.

I felt special and loved

This was by far the best birthday ever. My book was doing well on Amazon and even though I was excited, I know that I shouldn’t get stressed over the numbers. I know that this is a journey and I will have moments where I freak out, but there will be moments where I celebrate the small victories.

As the day went on, I had my favorite foods and drinks. I thought that my Son and his Wife would drive from NOLA and surprise me because he’s crazy like that. It didn’t happen, however, I will see them this weekend when we visit my youngest in VA. That’s a whole other story of letting go and letting the good of life’s victories take shape and form into bundles of goodness.

Embracing the flow of life is so important

Everything that feels good, should be taken in and digested. I’m finding that it’s good for the soul to not only embrace change but also let the smallest of victories embed themselves and nourish you. Although this process has been nerve-wracking, I wouldn’t change it for anything!

Now, I’m relishing in all the positive reviews and feedback of Love Hurts. I’m surprised and I’m grateful. I’m comfortable saying that I’m ready to write the next book and not freaking out so much.

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