It’s Getting Real!

The reality of being an Author is setting in. It’s scary, but I’m embracing it. I’m working on the second book in Pure Sin Trilogy and it is going to be gut-wrenchingly beautiful. I’m digging deep and it’s going to hurt. I want to write in all genres. I have ideas for several books in the coming year and I think I’m just going to go with it.

Wherever this journey leads, I will follow. I don’t want to be known for writing just one type of story. The only bad story is one that’s left untold. I know that the same themes have been written a million times over, but I believe that Authors can spin their own tale and make it feel fresh and new.

I may even step into Paranormal stories. Who knows! All I know is, I will put my ideas on paper and tell the story as I see fit. I want my readers to enjoy an adventure and see themselves in my words. Until next time….

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