Love Hurts: Pure Sin Trilogy Book I

Love Hurts by Thetta James

Love Hurts is the story of Crystal and Jackson as they discover a love so powerful that it can’t be ignored. Crystal wants more when it comes to her sex life. Jackson wants nothing to do with relationships after a bad break up and a one-night stand from hell.


Sparks fly when they meet. An attraction so electric that it’s tangible. As they explore this newfound passion, Jackson’s past collides with their present and tries to strip it all away. All hope is lost when Jackson makes the mistake of not trusting his feelings for Crystal. Heartache, pain, and an emotional ride that will leave you breathless.


Living in Santa Monica, CA. Love Hurts delves into the lives of three best friends who made a promise to stick together. Each successful in her own right, they’re missing relationships that bring hope, love, and fulfillment.


When Crystal finds love with Jackson, she experiences heartache like she never imagined. She discovers a passion like she’s never known, only to have it ripped away by lies and deceit. Jackson’s past threatens the fabric of their love and he realizes that he has ruined everything when he decides to keep the truth from Crystal.


Drama, love, passion, and heartache fill the pages of this read. You’re sure to go on a journey that gives you all the feels.

Crystal and Jackson

Excerpt From Book

Love Hurts Crystal and JacksonNo other words are spoken as he captures my mouth in a gentle kiss that seals everything that we’ve promised with three words. Closing my eyes makes me dizzy, so I watch his facial expressions as he slowly kisses me. His eyes are relaxed yet filled with so much emotion.

“I need to be inside you,” he says.


I reach down and open my towel and lay back on the bed. Taking me by my hips he gently brings our bodies flush and I revel in the feel of his warmth. His eyes bore deep into my soul telling me that he wants me, he needs me, he is hungry for me. He licks across the crease of my mouth and I open to him.


Biting my lip gently, he tugs it as I melt from the heat of the pain that he scores me with. He kisses down my body raining wet kisses over my burning flesh and spreads me wide. My core is clenching, hungry to grasp his thickness as thoughts of him being inside me take over and all I want is to feel him touching every inch of me.


The cool air helps ease the burn, but it’s not enough. I want him inside me, and I try to be patient as his tongue takes one long stroke up my center. His eyes never leave my face and I feel a sense of abandonment as he takes me to that height of ecstasy that I never want to come down from.

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I’m falling fast as my breaths come in quick succession. The desire that this man pulls from me is unmatched and he refuses to let me come down, allowing this orgasm to ride on an endless wave of pure pleasure. He moves up my body and enters me swiftly, easily, and recklessly.

He commands my body again and we fall together into that blissful oblivion that he and I created. That special place that only he and I can dwell. Caressing my face, he whispers.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Love Displayed: Pure Sin Trilogy Book II

Love Displayed is the story of April and Javier who find love after tragedy. A life altering event changes April’s life and changes her into a woman that she no longer recognizes. Javier is a detective who loves his city and wants to keep it safe. He has a strict “no love” policy in his life. His career is dangerous and having a woman in his life would be complicated. He doesn’t want or need the distraction.


Fate has other plans for them. When she walked into Pure Sin, her soul called to his and he had to meet her. April was not prepared to have a man in her personal space, let alone kiss the back of her hands. His touch ignited feelings within her that she never thought were possible and she needed to explore them.


With a backdrop of Santa Monica, CA, the Pure Sin Trilogy delves into the lives of three best friends who made a promise to stick together. Each successful in her own right, they’re missing relationships that bring hope, love, and fulfillment.


Love Displayed is not just a story about finding love. It's about connections and friendship. Rebirth and finding yourself.

Love Displayed Excerpt

Excerpt from book

 Excerpt from Love DisplayedWhen I gather the courage to look up, Javi is staring at me, and I can’t decipher the meaning behind his eyes. There’s a myriad of emotions swimming in those gorgeous brown eyes. I want to run and escape to the safety of my car, but I sit there, rooted to my seat, waiting on his response to me presenting my story. His words are soft, and his voice is filled with something that I recognize as torment when he asks,

“April, may I hold you? I need you in my arms right now. Please let me hold you?”

He places his glass down on the small table next to the couch and turns back to me with his arms outstretched. I look into his eyes and then to his open arms. The last time a man held his arms out for me, I was walking into a living nightmare. But the tenderness in Javi’s eyes makes me pause. He asked for permission to touch me. He asked for permission to invade my space and comfort me. That minute gesture of kindness feels wonderful and makes me feel safe. Who knew that something so simple could bring such sweet relief and start mending my broken pieces.


My eyes are in a tug of war between his arms and the pathway that leads out to my car. I’m struggling and I know he sees it. One palm slowly comes to my face, and I instinctively flinch. I notice the difference immediately. His large, calloused hand is warm and inviting, so I close my eyes and press my cheek into it, relishing in the comfort that he’s offering. He’s saying through this connection that he won’t hurt me. I swallow past the lump in my throat as the tears roll down my cheeks. I take a deep, shaky breath and sigh, not sure if I’m deserving of such tenderness. My heart tells me I can trust this, but if I am deserving of this, why did Karl do what he did? I know that I’ll never have that question answered, but it’s one of those things that sits in the back of my mind.


April finds a love with Javi that makes her feel safe. Her past invades her present and the possibility of losing her newfound happiness scares her. She refuses to be the woman that she was, and she will fight for her happiness with everything she has. Javier wants to protect not only her heart, but he is also determined to protect the woman he has helped her discover.